Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brand New MicroRNA Shredder!

We just got in a brand new shredder and the 3rd product for our MicroRNA Line, Incinerol. This stuff is amazing. Check out what some of my clients are reporting:

  • Helps restore metabolism to that of a teenager by activating an enzyme inside cells called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)
        • Melts off fat by working on a molecular level to help stop new fat cells from being create
        • Intensified overall immunity (immune system function
        • Infinitely better insulin sensitivity and insulin regulation - the single biggest factor for massive fat loss, and maintaining a lean physique
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        Tuesday, April 5, 2016

        First Of its Kind MicroRNA Poly-Peptide Supplement!

        We just got in a brand new MicroRNA product. This is the next
        generation of supplements and the first of its kind! Think of MicroRNA Polypeptides as a cross between stem cells and growth factor. Clients are reporting the following:

        • MASSIVE Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and IGF-1 output – resulting in more lean muscle mass, size and definition

        • Virtually super-human increases in brain function and hyper-ability to focus

        • Amplified overall performance output including an increase in V02 Max and time to exhaustion

        • Intensified overall immunity (immune system function)

        • Sleep quality that is off the charts resulting in Wolverine-like recovery from injuries and stress

        • A conspicuous increase in mood and sense of well-being

        This is stuff is damn-near impossible to get.
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        Wednesday, November 6, 2013

        2 1/2 months PlasmaVar Results

        Hey Guys,

        Started taking the PlasmaVar about 2 1/2 months ago. However, I didn't take photos once a month because it is winter season and I don't normally post pictures during my 'bulking" season because of the added fat and shit talking that accompanies it ;) However, my co-workers and friends have been mentioning my added size. I knew I got a lot stronger but as for the size I was convinced a lot was fat until I checked the info. I was surprised by the results. I am now going to do a complete cycle and take the photos every month like I normally do and keep you guys updated. Here are my results so far:


        Height: 5'10"
        Weight: 190lbs
        Bodyfat: 11%


        Height: 5'10"
        Weight: 205lbs
        Bodyfat: 11%

        So in 2.5 months I gained about 13.35 lbs of muscle and gained about 1.65 lbs of fat. I was shocked with the results because I was only using 1 product and I thought I was going to put on a lot more fat.

        Update: The new Humatropic and Cyclosterone are stronger than the Plasmavar, I will be doing that soon and update it.

        Wednesday, October 9, 2013

        Pre-Order on Brand New Monster PlasmaVar

        We are taking Pre-Orders on a brand new product called PlasmaVar. This stuff is nuts!!

        • Create Wicked Pumps
        • Blast hGH Levels by 400% during workout
        • Pop Sick Vascularity
        • Deliver Workout-Crushing Energy and Drive
        • Improve Brain Function and Focus (nootropic properties)
        • Enhances and speeds up Recovery
        • Amplifies Androgen Receptors/Test Receptors, Amplifies other supplements and steroids
        • Increase Protein Synthesis For Faster Muscle Building (uses protein you eat to build muscle)
        • Regulate Insulin To Maximize Body Recomposition (helps you stay lean, while packing on mass)
        • Shuttle Oxygen and Nutrients Straight Into Muscle via Enhanced Blood Flow and Volume
        • Helps with sleep and Serotonin which increases hGH 

        It's isn't on the website and will not last. This is going to be 1 of the strongest things we have released in the last 5 years!!! So hit me up @ 858-605-6560 so I can hook you guys up.

        Customer Spotlight David Harris

        Hey guys, here is another testimonial from of you guys. He loved the products and got into contest shape with the Primo33, Incinerol and Oxanalone:

        This is what he had to say about the products:

        I spoke with Stephen about what products would give me the best results for getting shredded for the show but also allow me to keep my size and he prescribed Primo 33, Incinerol and Oxanalone as a good stack that would keep the muscle but shred the fat. Excellent products and excellent advice for using the products for contest preparation. I have used many of the product line and all have worked most effectively and efficiently. I will say that if you have a good workout ethic and maintain a clean diet, you will see results by using these products as part of your daily supplementation.


        Thursday, August 15, 2013

        Train For Your Goal, Not Your Ego


        I have been weightlifting for years and over the years I have seen multiple injuries in the gym. What's worse is when I am talking to a client, that is working with me, and they are getting great results but are sidelined immediately because of an injury. I have talked to multiple clients that have torn a Pec or destroyed a shoulder when they were finally getting some good results. So I am going to squash a few rumors and let you guys know how to effectively workout in the gym without hurting yourself.

        So there has been much debate about what is the best rep range to build muscle. Powerlifters say go heavy or go home. Bodybuilders say go for time under tension. The simplest way to figure out is based on a number of  factors: Goals, Type of Lift and Age.

        Now this is the rep range a lot of trainers agree on as far as what rep ranges do what:

        1-3 reps  Central Nervous System (CNS) Strength and Power
        4-6 reps CNS Strength; Some Hypertrophy
        8-12 reps  Hypertrophy; Some Strength
        12-15 reps Hypertrophy, Little Strength
        15+ reps Endurance

        So based on these rep ranges it tells you some valuable info. However, a lot of different athletes look at it differently.

        Power Lifters: Rep Range 1-5
        Bodybuilder: 8-15

        These are 2 examples of the same info being used differently based on the goals of the person.

        Then why is it when you go to gyms all over the world you will see people that are not powerlifters trying to do one rep maxes? Or doing really low reps when they are just trying to get bigger or build more muscle? One word...


        When you are @ the gym you will see guys trying to impress each other with their 1RM on bench when they haven't properly warmed up yet.

        And when you have guys being competitive with each other, lots of testosterone from supplements, or other illegal means, and very low warm up sessions...it spells disaster.

        Ripped pec, torn bicep, back seizing up, rotator cuff tear, etc...

        Add a weight belt being used when it shouldn't be and it gets worse...

        Spinal Compression or Herniated Disc (which can take you out of the gym for years)

        So why do this to yourself? The first thing you need to figure out what is your goal. If it is to look good, then you don't have to kill yourself with powerlifting workouts. For muscle building it is all about time under tension and isolating the muscle, not the CNS.

        A study in 2009 conducted by Kumar et al. (Journal of Applied Physiology) measured the fluctuations in muscle protein synthesis after weight training. They found that the anabolic response (muscle building) increased by:

        30% after training with weights that were 20% of 1RM*
        40% after training with weights that were 40% of 1RM
        100% after training with weights that were 60% of 1RM
        130% after training with weights that were 75% of 1RM
        100% after training with weights that were 90% of 1RM
        (1RM – One repetition maximum, is the maximum amount of weight a person is able to lift for a single repetition*)

        This information shows, that muscle growth occurs when training with a weight that is around 75% of your 1RM. 90% of 1RM targets your CNS and not your muscles.

        So how many reps is 75% of your 1 RM?...10 Reps

        So, training anywhere between 8 – 12 reps to failure is the perfect rep range for muscle growth.

        When I workout the lowest reps I will do is 10, because I like the 130% protein synthesis after working out. My goal is to build muscle.  Unless you are doing a powerlifting competition, you should be doing the hypertrophy rep ranges.

        Type of Lift
        The next thing that needs to be addressed is rep ranges for different types of lifts. Far to many times I see guys doing 5 reps for a bicep curl. With that kind of heavy rep your body is going to tap into other muscles to move the heavy weight and away from the muscle you are trying to workout. So here are some good rules for the rep ranges based on different exercises:

        Power Compounds Exercises
        Bench Press/Squat/Deadlift/Barbell Row/T-Bar Row/Barbell Military Press/etc...
        These movements work the best with 8-12 reps. You want to go heavy so that they can really overload the muscle fibers but not lower than 8 reps because that would target the CNS more.

        Compound Isolation Exercises
        Dumbbell Press/Cable Rows/Dumbbell Military Press/Pull Ups/Dips/Barbell Curls/Etc..
        These movements work the best with 10-15 reps. You want to focus more on the movement and putting the muscle under tension since you can't go as heavy because of a lot of balancing the weight while doing the movements.

        Isolation Exercises
        Leg Curls/Dumbbell Flys/Stiff-Legged Deadlifts/Calve Raises/Tricep Kick Back/1-Arm Row/Etc..
        These movements work the best with 10-20 reps. You want to really focus on squeezing the muscle and on the muscle mind connection and the pump. Going meticulously slow works really well. The calves for example respond more with high slow reps that are concentrated.

        These examples are more for the bodybuilder and weightlifter instead of the powerlifter. These are just examples, there are way more types of exercises that put the muscle under a lot of tension that doesn't use a lot of weight or reps. For example:

        Slow Reps
        Start Stop Reps
        Rest Pause

        There are multiple rep ranges for muscle tension, it is just about what works for you. You won't be able to go heavy for a long time without hurting yourself. So switch it up, don't do less than 8 reps, eat enough, get your rest days in and have a deloading week every 4 weeks (a week of lighter weight to allow your body to relax)

        This is an important one. You can't workout like you did when you were older. Your recovery is slower and straining muscles and/or tearing them comes more common place. Even when taking supplements you can get hurt (when I was doing the XT I almost ripped my pec because my muscles were recovered but my connective tissue was not). So make sure you get your rest. Here are the rules for weightlifting based on age:

        Pretty much go nuts. Rep ranges are your oyster. You can do everything and anything under the sun... if you don't go super crazy and allow for proper warm ups.
        Lowest Rep Range Per Exercise: 8

        This is where you have to start thinking more about your connective tissues and not your muscles. Your muscles can recover more but sometimes not your tendons.
        Lowest Rep Range Per Exercise:  10

        This is where you have to start really listening to your body more and what moves hurt you and what doesn't. You must make sure you are properly warmed up. Because not being warmed up and injuring yourself can take you out of the gym for a couple of months or longer.
        Lowest Rep Range Per Exercise:  12

        Warm Ups
        Not a lot of gym-goers do proper warm ups. Guys are the biggest offender of this. Women typically stretch, where as men go straight to pushing up heavy ass weight. When you are first working out, you can get away with not warming up or only doing a few warm up sets. However, it will catch up to you. When you start pushing some real weight you need to start not only warming up you muscles but your CNS for the heavy weight it is about to handle.

        The easiest way to prep your muscles is to pyramid up with your warm up. What works well is I start with 50% of my working set I am going to use and go up. This is 50% of my working weight not my 1 rep max. I pyramid up until I hit 90% of my working set.

        50% of working set, 4 sets of 5
        60% of working set, 3 sets of 5
        70% of working set, 2 sets of 5
        80% of working set, 2 sets of 5
        90% of working set, 1 sets of 5

        I usually take 30secs between each set because it should be fairly easy since it is lighter weight. When you do it though you want to do it slow and controlled as if it is a heavy weight.

        So for example, if you are going to do 4 sets of 275lbs for your working set of deadlifts, your warm up would look like the following:

        135lbs, 4x5
        165lbs, 3x5
        195lbs, 2x5
        220lbs, 2x5
        245lbs, 1x5

        At the end of this warm up you should have a ridiculous pump. Your muscles should be primed at this point but more importantly your CNS will be warmed up. I usually do this for the main compound lift of the day then do my working set. After that I just do the rest of my workout because my body should be primed for it. So you do the following warm ups for the following work out days:

        Legs: Squat warm up
        Back: Deadlift warm up
        Chest: Bench Press/Dumbbell Press warm up
        Shoulders: Barbell Military Press warm up

        The chest has dumbbell press as an alternative because some people don't bench press anymore (which I will explain later)

        Weight Belt and Lifting Straps
        This is another topic that I have seen numerous offenders in the gym doing it wrong.

        Lifting Straps
        Some guys get so much shit for using lifting straps and not focusing on their grip. This again depends on your goal.

        No straps
        Do over under grip for Deadlifts
        Work on your grip with fat bars or heavy grips

        Body Builders
        Go as heavy as you can without straps
        Add straps when your grip starts to fail
        For Deadlifts do the overhand grip. Over under puts to much strain on your bicep and creates imbalances considering you are holding the weight differently in each hand.
        Work on your grip with fat bars or heavy grips

        Weight Belt
        This is the most abused item in the weight room. I see guys wearing them when they shouldn't and others not wearing them when they should. If you wear it all the time your core strength suffers. If you don't wear it, when you should, one simple tweak can throw your back out easily. So here are the rules for weight belts.

        Use them for 75% of your 1 rep max or above
        Use them for only these main compound exercises: Deadlift/Squat/Barbell Military Press/Olympic Lifts
        Do not use it for Bench Press, that is retarded

        The Olympic Lifts have numerous exercises and if it is 75%+ of your one rep max then you should be wearing a welt belt. If you are using it for Dumbbell Military Press, you're doing it wrong. Lower the weight and strengthen your core first.

        If you are already injured or have injured yourself in the past then you need to be smart in the gym.

        Back Injuries
        Squats: No squats, do hip belt squats instead: http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/hip_belt_squats
        Deadlifts: Do rack pulls instead with lighter weights till you can strengthen the lower back. You might come to a realization that you might not be able to ever do heavy weight again though. If Rack Deadlifts hurt still then do body weight back extensions and work your way up to holding a 45lb plate white doing it: http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/ErectorSpinae/WtBackExtension.html

        Chest Injuries
        Bench Press: Do not bench press, Dumbbel Press instead

        This is again why you go by your age on rep ranges because you don't want to permanetely hurt yourself.

        Lifts to Stay Away From/Never Do
        This last topic I know is going to be highly controversial. But there are some lifts that I will never do again because of the high ouchy potential.

        Bench Press/Incline Bench Press/Decline Bench Press
        This is one of the best mass builders but one of the most abused lifts out there. This is the one that I hear all the time about shoulders being destroyed or ripping pectoral muscles and needing surgery to fix them. The reason is because the bottom of the bench press puts your shoulders in a weird and dangerous position. With this lift it isn't a matter of if it is going to happen but WHEN. Either rotator cuff injury or pec tear. Unless you are a power lifter, you need to drop this exercise. Heavy dumbbell presses will build a more impressive chest since it is about keeping the muscle under tension.

        Upright Rows
        This is another one that always hurts people. It can be in a couple of years or take years before it does its damage. What sucks, because of genetics, some people are more prone to injury with this than others. The reason is because of the design of their shoulder bones. Some people have bones that pinch the rotator cuff more during this movement because of the way their shoulder is designed. You won't know until you either hurt yourself or get an MRI. I would like to do neither so I keep it out all together. There are safer shoulder exercises.

        So follow the rules I mentioned to keep yourself injury free in the gym. Be careful and beast it in the gym.

        Saturday, August 10, 2013

        8 Weeks of IGFxt and Primo33

        So I was saying in an earlier post that I was going to do a 12-week cycle of a stack of ours. Well they decided to release the product a month early so I am going to update now with my 8 week results.

        The stack I did was my favorite product Primo33 and the new IGFxt. I was testing this out before it was going to be released  and they say that I started to get good results so they released it early.

        Here are my results:

        Height: 5'10"
        Weight: 175lbs
        Bodyfat: 10%


        Height: 5'10"
        Weight: 190lbs
        Bodyfat: 11%

        So in 8 weeks I gained about 11.6 lbs of muscle and gained about 3.4 lbs of fat. I am pretty happy with the results so far considering I was able to stay within the 10-12% body fat range while putting on a good amount of lean mass. Here is the transition video:

        I took a picture once a month. There is no sound because I rushed this because I wasn't aware there were releasing the product this early ;)

        The diet I was using was Carb Backloading.


        I didn't eat really clean on it that's why I gained about 3.4 lbs of fat but, considering what I was eating, it is pretty remarkable that I didn't put on 8 or 10lbs of fat. I have to thank the Primo33 for that.

        Here is some example meals I ate post workout:

        1 Protein Shake
        5 cups of cooked short grain rice (ate 2 cups already)
        1 lb of ground turkey meat mixed with curry
        3 pieces of fried chicken
        plate of potato wedges

        1 Protein Shake
        5 cups of cooked short grain rice (ate 3 cups already)
        1 lb of ground turkey 
        10 oz gluten free noodles
        peanut butter and Jelly on gluten free tortilla

        I will eat close to about 1800 calories for the entire day and then post workout eat anywhere from 2500-3000 calories. Like I said, I am pretty happy with the results so far. Still contemplating if I am going to finish it to the 12 weeks. Probably will.

        This stuff is pretty sweet so hit me up @ 858-605-6560 if you want to get some.

        Tuesday, July 30, 2013

        Buidling Muscle/Losing Fat Based on Ancestry

        Orange World Globe Royalty Free Stock Image - Image: 5582186

        So a lot of you guys already know about the different types of body types out there.

        Mesomorph: Puts on muscle easily/loses fat easily

        Endomorph: Puts on muscle easily/puts on fat easily

        Ectomorph: Hard to put on muscle/loses fat easily

        However, not everyone is a cut and dry like that. You may be Meso/Endo, Ecto/Meso, etc...

        To try to figure out what you are, the easiest way to figure it out might be to look up your ancestry and where your family came from. Because over millions of years, depending on what people were where on the planet, are bodies changed and adapted. We adapted to the sun and climate to survive in those regions. Not only did it determine skin color and different physical attributes it also changed how our bodies build muscle and hold/lose body fat. Here are some examples:

        Egyptian Wall PaintingAfrica
        Climate: Hot/lots of sun/not a lot of shade
        Attributes: Darker Skin/Tall/Skinny
        Reason: The darker skin is to battle the UV rays from the sun. Also, it is easier to dissipate heat the taller and skinner you are.

        Outcome: From this region you might be a pure ectomorph or a mixture of Ecto/Meso. Don't worry though, the more muscle you put on it slows your metabolism down so you can retain it easier. The good news is that you might not need to diet as much as someone else because you will stay leaner without having to try.

        The Judgement of Hercules

        Climate: Several climate changes throughout the year from hot (118.4 °F) and cold (−18.0 °F)
        Attributes: Lighter Skin/Average Height/average bodyfat
        Reason: Since there isn't as much sun as in Eqypt, to absorb more vitamin D the skin is lighter. Also, it is easier to retain heat the shorter and bodyfat you are hold.

        Outcome: From this region you might be Meso, Endo or a a mixture of Meso/Endo. Putting on muscle is easier if from this region. However, staying leaner will be harder. Even Hercules, the strongest male example from Rome, is always seen with 15% or more bodyfat. Your hardest goal is trying to retain the muscle as you cut since your body will want to try to hold on to the fat. The good news is that you might not need to bloat up during a bulking cycle since you can stay around a moderate amount of fat and still build muscle.

        These are just 2 examples but since there are tons of different combinations on this planet, trying to lock it down to just 3 body types is pretty much impossible. This is why 2 guys that are the race, height and weight will put on muscle or lose fat differently. One guy can get down to 8% bodyfat on a diet or supplement and the other can get to only 12%. They compare their results with friends and come to the conclusion it doesn't work for them.

        So in summary, have patience. It took months to look like you do now and will take months to take it completely off or build upon it.

        Images Copyrighted by Historylink101.com & found at Egyptian Picture Gallery.