Sunday, June 7, 2009

Customer Spotlight, Susan 'Wonder' Stone

Hey guys, well here is another customer spotlight. I will have more and more of these as you guys send those pics to me, so keep'em coming! Anyways, this woman is tough as nails and survived cancer more than once!! Lots of us can't even get on stage (myself included) and she is doing it while fighting that's HARDCORE!!

Susan 'Wonder' Stone

She kicked ass and placed 4th in the open women heavyweight at the Emerald Cup!

When asked what supplements she likes she gave me the following e-mail:

Hola Stephen,
My local paper ran an article about me this week.

Last December I decided to compete in April of this year. As you see in the article, surviving with recurrent melanoma that I was told should have killed me in 2004, I broke my back on July 07, 2007. After the surgery, it took a month to be able to walk without a walker and several more months before I could sit, stand or walk without my back brace.

Everyday life hurt, but I was determined to work thru it and do it anyway. I took TridenosenH and Mesobolin, than as I got closer to the show added Nitrox-ATP and Triatherm. Knowing I couldnt lift as heavy as I could before because of the titanium screws and plastic rods in my back, I still trained as hard as I could. The supplements took me significantly higher than I was capable of going on my own. I placed 4th in open women heavyweight at the Emerald Cup. I'm happy with my results, but still pushing it, expecting to look and feel even better at the Washington State show in July.

Thanks for your support and encouragement along my journey.

Love, gratitude and blessings,
Susan Stone

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Susan Story said...

Howdy Stephen! I was looking for an article I wrote and google found this. I don't remember ever seeing it. Thank you for posting! I'm still alive!! I'm still training and intimidating most of the men in the gym. The broken back I spoke of, happened on my 3rd skydive. It wasn't significant in 2009, because I didn't think I'd ever have the balls to do it again. I got my skydiving license last year and now have 36 jumps. I've been doing a ketogenic diet for 2 years...under 30g/carbs per day. The cancer got significantly worse and this diet seems to work better at keeping me alive. I'm not taking any supplements until there's no more evidence of cancer. Check out my stuff...Youtube channel - sstory67 and
Be well!
Susan Story